Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yay June!

Oscar and Scout decided that to celebrate the beginning of summer, they would go for a ride in a hot air balloon. Although it was a bit scary at first (its so high!) they quickly found that being so close to Mr. Sun was actually quite pleasant!

Huzzah, June's calendar is all ready... right on time, haha! I'm really happy with the way it turned out... I've been practicing more of my gradients (though I'm not exactly sure why they are showing up wacky in flickr and photobucket?)! This month features Scout and Oscar in a hot air balloon to celebrate the start of summer, which is in fact one of the best seasons of all time. I felt as though ballooning was definitely more of a summer activity, and hopefully the sunny sky and citrus color palette will also help get you ready for warm weather (especially since this summer promises to be really hot!) Visit my flickr or photobucket to download to your computer.

Edit: I figured out why flickr was being naughty... Don't forget to save your gradient items with a solid color background with the gradient overlayed on top; if not it will fill in with whatever color the website behind it is!


  1. tee hee...so cute!

  2. i love ur calendars holly!!! they are so cute!! you are so freaking talented & creative !!!!:OD

  3. Thanks for another gorgeous calendar! I look forward to them each month!


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