Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tokidoki makeup

Grrr... I spent the better half of tonight looking for a Sephora gift card I got for Christmas which I still haven't spent yet, due to not wanting anything makeup-y (I still don't wear makeup even though I have freckles galore!) Yep, I'm not a makeup/cosmetics kinda girl... my last makeup purchase was one of those deals from clinique where you get lots of little samples and 2 cute bags decorated with apples; I could have cared less about the actual makeup because what I really wanted were the apple bags (isn't that dorky?)! In fact, the last time I got a gift card to a makeup store I actually spent it on perfume (salvatore ferragamo incanto heaven- a yummy tropical floral) rather than makeup.

But now I want makeup!!! And I can't find my danggit giftcard! Sigh. I might actually have to shell out some pocket money for cosmetics, seeing as how tokidoki has a relatively new line of uber cute makeup at Sephora. Look at how wonderfully colorful everything is... emblazoned with all of your favorite tokidoki characters (see, I told you packaging was a big part of your product!) It's a bit expensive, but I'll probably only get one of those eyeliners that doubles as a temporary tattoo marker and some lip gloss. I could be mistaken, but I think Sephora is the only place that carries this line. Ah, tokidoki makeup... I'll have to think heavily on this, though I'm seriously jealous of all you lovely ladies that already have your mitts on some!

1 comment:

  1. didja find ur card yet? and if you did whatcha get? i love the packaging of the tokidoki makeup but it's a little $$ for me:O(


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