Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newest ipod cozy designs!

Thanks for all the love lately guys, it really makes me smile! I was working on these new ipod touch/ iphone cozies over the weekend since they've been doing well in my shop... they've also generated a tiny little buzz on the interweb; The lovely ladies at supercutekawaii included them in their flickr friday pics! Anyway, the two newest designs are.... PANDA and STRAWBERRY, yay! The panda was easy and came about as a customer request (I had planned on doing a panda originally but I ran out of black cotton yarn so I put that idea on the ol' backburner; but when a customer is really sweet about asking I can't say no!) The strawberry was a bit more difficult, I reworked it a couple of times... for example, the first one had pointy leaves that ended up being rather crooked! Essentially I ended up making 3-4 cozy prototypes, which I promptly unraveled once I determined they weren't up to berrysprite standards. The fact that you can usually unravel anything you've crocheted is simultaneously awesome and terrible; unraveling stuff feels good, like you get to start again if you make a mistake... but the bad part is that you have to start again! I think the end product/ strawberry cozy came out really nice... so much so that I even made a red strawberry cozy for myself, which is rare because I hardly ever keep anything for me :D


  1. Omg Holly~ These cozy ideas just keep getting cuter and cuter! I'm especially fond of the strawberries myself, but I'd love to get myself a bear cozy for my phone <3 Keep up the good work! Looking forward to future projects~


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