Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer blog redesign!

Wooo, it's quite late at night here (1am!) and although I have an early day tomorrow (I promised the good half of myself I would go to my office bright and early to work on my thesis) I thought I would redesign my blog, especially since I was already making nautical designs for the spoonflower nautical-theme fabric contest (will show you guys later... it's really cute)! Besides, the ocean and sea creatures practically scream summer... I'm quite enjoying the newer look of my blog. It actually didn't take me that long, not like the first couple of times I tried, which must mean I'm getting good at this! If I had to describe the look/palette, I'd say It's kinda like The Life Aquatic bumped into a jaguar shark of cuteness. Hopefully that combination makes it look a little more polished and professional (and cute); though the niceness factor is probably largely thanks to a new font ( my old one was hand-drawn by me, which explains it's similarity to a first grader's handwriting!). This font is called "cookies," and I downloaded it for free off of fontspace. Check them out... they have LOADS of free and commercial use fonts, so much so that it kinda blows the mind. Have you guys also noticed that now there are greater design/theme capabilities and pages for blogspot? It's pretty cool! Unfortunately, I have yet to make some pages, but knowing that I will eventually be able too will rock pretty hard. Mmmm, that's all I can think of for now, off to bed I guess ...


  1. The new look is great!! And thanks for the link to the font site. Nice!! :D

  2. THIS IS AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Hope you win the contest!!!


  3. cute redesign :) what is your thesis about?

  4. love the new design! i'll be on the lookout for the spoonflower announcement . . . good luck!

  5. Thanks for the sweetie comments guys, they made me smile :D My thesis is about the Civil War and the Hawaiian Kingdom, and its going much better now :D


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