Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday= funday

Today was such a lovely Sunday, mostly because our local Ben Franklin craft stores had Cascade 220 yarn on sale. I loooove this yarn; it's Peruvian wool and is a little finer than regular acrylic yarns. Basically, the stitches you make look much neater and the yarn itself feels pretty good. I love making amigurumi out of this yarn, but mostly I love making these bunnies... so much fun! I was thinking about switching all my amigurumi and making my pattern instructions with photos of amigurumi to be made with this yarn! However, Cascade 220 is a little more pricey than regular acrylic yarn (and more expensive here in Hawai`i than it is elsewhere... we usually pay around $7.99 for one skein). We also have limited colorways; you guys know I love all the bright saturated colors (for some reason we have lots of the dark heathered colors here; the yellows and oranges we have are especially lacking). Anyway, I was literally one day away from ordering a heap of yarn online for $6 a pop (which I thought was a really good deal worthy of patting myself on the back for) until I found out that Ben Franklin was selling it for 2 skeins for $10! And that's how I spent the best part of my Sunday; buying 14 skeins of Cascade 220 yarn.


  1. Well... I love the outcome of this shopping trip, it's made of cute!

  2. Love this yarn too :)

    And your rainbow of Bunnys is absolutely terrific :)

  3. Aw, those bunnies are cute!

    We used to have a Ben Franklin's here--when I was a kid it was neat because if you had a Tootsie Pop with the Native American boy shooting an arrow at a star, you got a free sucker. :) And I also remember that they had these bins full of random little trinkets.

  4. i love the lil bunnies they are soooo cute!!! they don't have ben franklin's here the closest one is an hour and half drive up north:O(

  5. Hehe! I'm a bit the same, you know one of the highlights of my trip to San Fran, was going to Imagiknit, a wool store which has the most amazing yarn! the bunnies are gorgeous too.


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