Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I enjoy these anime... watch and be pleased

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (the remix of Full Metal Alchemist... yes!). The manga author (the lovely Hiromu Arakawa, an awesome writer and artist) wasn't done with the series yet, but gave all the materials she had to an anime studio and basically gave them license to develop a show out of her existing materials. Well what the studio did with the story/characters/ animation was amazingly awesome in every way... Full Metal Alchemist is my favorite anime (and probably one of the greatest anime of all time!) Well now, Arakawa has completed much more of her original writing (which is still in progress) which is different than the first anime. If you aren't familiar with Full Metal Alchemist, it is basically about two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who attempt to use the science of alchemy to ressurect their dead mother. Because this act is a violation of the alchemic law equivalent exchange (to gain anything, something must be lost), Alphonse loses his body (which Ed attaches to a suit of armor in desperation) and Ed loses an arm and leg (which must be replaced by synthetic automail limbs). The series follows the attempts of the brothers to regain what they have lost through the use of alchemy and by seeking the philosopher's stone, a mythical stone which defies the laws of alchemy.

The second anime I've been watching is Mushishi (which coincidentally has many of the same dubbed voices as full metal alchemist... see if you can guess who!) This anime follows Ginko, a traveling mushi master who solves problems that occur because of mushi... like the flora and fauna of our world but consisting of pure life. Although this series doesn't have the character development of Full Metal Alchemist, it is interesting and beautiful to watch. Check it out for yourself here:

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