Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Calendar: Heart Carnival

Yay, February's calendar is up! I hope its not too pink... hee hee! To download, click on the button in the upper right hand corner to go to my flickr; or you can go to my photobucket too! Pick the size you want by clicking on the picture. Go to "all sizes" and pick "original." Save it/ download it to your desktop, then right click on the calendar and select "set as desktop." Enjoy lovely blog people, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's the story:
Scout the rabbit, Hammie the pig and Oscar the bear are having a fun day at the annual heart carnival of Apple Valley... Oscar secretly fed a peanut to the elephants when no one was looking!


  1. Very cute and I love pink so it's perfect ^_^ I love your calender backgrounds :)

    Cute story and the elephants are great (love the little one ^^)


  2. i love your calendars they are so cute!! and to add to that a back story makes it doubley cool!!

  3. Thanks for your calendars, berry. You brighten my day and I'd like to brighten yours with a Sunshine Award.


  4. I absolutly adore your <3 carnival calendar
    but I noticed that the "25"th is missing...
    It probably went to go ride on the ferris wheel >_<


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