Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Needle-felted bears

Newest batch of needle-felted bears! I've been working on these for months... not that it normally takes that long, but I was trying to abstain from crafting for a while, so consequently I made pieces of these bears a little at a time. I can't decide which is my favorite, but I am definitely partial to the panda!


  1. Oh My!!!
    They look perfect. I love how you work with fluffy yarn. I was trying to work with it but It gets really hard, the yarn does not slide as good as It should for me!
    My favorite is the grey lamb. LOL

  2. Púes mi favorito el osito azul fuerte....aunque son todos preciosos.Felicidades..

  3. they are very sweet. I'm with you on the panda, well he's my fave.

  4. I love the cream colored one with green arms and legs. Oh so cute!! His name should be Mr. Matcha hehehe^^

  5. I really love it!So cute!I liked all them!!


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