Monday, December 14, 2009

Zazzle- taking handmade to a whole new level with stamps!

Thanks for all the good wishes about my thesis guys; having etsy/blog cheerleaders helps me chug along! I'm finishing up my job in the office this week, which is good because it was actually really stressful! Just knowing that this was my last week at work helped me to write really well this weekend, and I'm almost done with my introduction (I'm aiming for at least one chapter over Christmas break). I'm also getting ready for the American Historical Association conference I'll be attending for a few days in San Diego in January, but I'm still hammering out all the details; it's going to be kinda scary, because I'm afraid of talking in front of lots of people and this is like THE conference for people who study History. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

I've actually written about zazzle on my blog before, (I practiced making shoes with my cute animal design!)though I've only made little mock-ups with their previews... I've never ordered anything. But now these personalized berrysprite stamps on their way to me in the mail at this very moment; I'll let you know how they turn out.

In case you were wondering, zazzle currently has a promotion (though it will probably end by the time you guys read this from Dec. 14 9pm to Dec 15 1am... sorry, I would have let you guys know about it earlier but I just found out about it now!) where you can order these custom stamps for the same price as a regular book of stamps, or $8.80! Even if you miss this deal, signing up with zazzle now and electing to receive their email messages will allow you to partake in 12 days of Christmas deals!

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  1. Wish they had Aussie stamps! Those stamps you made are so cute.


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