Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blegh of the week

Been quite busy as usual, which is why I haven't actually had a chance to do everything I set out to do at the beginning of this week (ever notice how holidays tend to make you fall way way behind?) Right before the Thanksgiving holiday there was a crisis at work that I had to try and sort out; I was literally calling 5 billion offices to try and fix serious problems caused the laziness/ forgetfulness of two professors... I can now say that I'll have to think twice when sympathizing with professors who complain about students not paying attention or turning in work late. On top of all that, I actually shifted the times I work this week because we have FINALLY hired someone permanent, yay! This is good news in the long run, I'll have more time for my thesis, which means eventually more time for crafting!

I'm still trying my bestest to get December's calender out, make that long-ago promised cookie tutorial and list the last of the items for the sale.

Just so that I can say I did something, these are the items that are included free with every order during my shop sale (going on until Dec. 6)It includes a pipe cleaner candy cane, two handmade cookies with icing, and a tiny snowflake ornament!

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