Friday, December 4, 2009

December's Calendar

Whew! I've managed to make a calendar for every month this year (though sometimes they've been late). Thanks so much for being sooo patient as always everyone; it makes me so happy to know that you enjoy these calendars! December's Calendar is now available for download! Check out my flickr or photobucket :D

This scene was just begging for a story:
"The North Pole is quite cold, so Christmas trees are hard to come by! Luckily, these penguins have a little help decorating their tree from the northern lights and the North Star, and are sure to have a happy holiday!"


  1. Nice work Holly, I wish you keep making them next year.

    Merry Christmas from Spain!


  2. thanks so much! I discovered you in november
    so I only got the november and december calender. Are you going to make calenders for
    next year too? I adore them!!! I adore your style and blog!

  3. OMG that is the most adorable calendar ever! Love the ickle cute pink penguins. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  4. Thankyou Ms. Berrysprite!! So kawaii..happy December!!


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