Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Hiya people; sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging, I have the flu (I'm pretty sure it's not piggy flu). Anyway, I'm feeling much better today so I'd thought I'd blog a bit.

I received these wonderful presents from some very dear friends of mine; Nia sent me this utterly kawaii necklace made from beaded hello kitty animals and bells. Needless to say my bird heard me unwrapping this (hem hem, before Christmas) and came running over to investigate the jingling! And Deuce, Chloe and Donna sent me a yard of this truly fabulous aranzi aronzo fabric and pin... which I absolutely adore! These gifts were so thoughtful and kind, I just wanted to send a big thank you to the gift givers, as well as you all during this holiday season!

I also wanted to share this really sweet true story, which actually happened today. My mom is a skills trainer at an elementary school near our house; for those of you who don't know a skills trainer works one-on-one with special needs children. Currently she is paired with a little boy who has Down Syndrome. Almost every day during recess, she and the boy would go see the construction that was happening next door to the school; the boy loves trains, planes, tractors and trucks. Anyway, this was the boy's absolute favorite thing to do and he would get so excited and smile and wave, and some of the construction workers would smile and wave at the boy, which would make him even more happy. My mom thought this was very nice of the construction workers, so she sent a thank you note to their company, explaining how special it was for the boy.

Very early this morning (I was still sleeping... sick and all) my sister heard knocking on our door. It was a construction worker! He had brought the boy a small jar of cookies and two huge calendars full of trucks and tractors from all of the construction workers!!! Can you imagine? Such thoughtful Christmas presents for an unknown little boy from swaggering manly-men construction workers, not to mention all the trouble they took to get it to us to give to the boy!!! Anyway, it really touched my heartstrings and reminded me what Christmas is all about.


  1. Such a touching story! It's nice to know there are still kind people out there.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    P.S. I loooove your blog. :-))))

  2. Get well soon, Darling Holly! xoxo


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