Monday, February 23, 2009

websites to visit often

Look at James Franco's hair... hee hee!  And you thought he only did Spiderman!  Actually, I think I want that haircut!

Had a bit of a hard time thinking of stuff to post about today, probably because I haven't been up to much lately... midterms!   I'm done now though so it will get better. I did manage to sneak in a few movies, netflix style.  Boo, SemiPro was boring!  Apparently not everything Will Ferrell touches is comedic gold.  Pineapple Express was funny! ... but I think you have to have either of these two things:  a juvenile sense of humor (we're talking 14 year old boy... which is the sense of humor I have) or an affection for James Franco playing a stoner friendly drug dealer (hilarious!).  

Since I haven't been up to anything worth photographing,  I'll just share some of the websites I like to procrastinate on; you may know of them already but in case you don't check 'em out! great website where users share tutorials and tips on how to make cool things another crafting instructional website kawaii items!  I'm not sure how much the shipping is, but I've heard good things kawaii items again!  Shipping is expensive but there are so many cute things!  I want these:

Also, it's kinda bad of me but I'm SUPER excited about Target opening in Hawai`i in early March... I want it to be open 24 hours so I can go at 3:00 AM and have the store all to myself!


  1. Thanks for sharing the links!

    I nominated you for a blog award, see it here


    its for a good cause!!


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