Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amigurumi Series #2: White amigurumi eyes!

In the past couple of years of me being on etsy and making amigurumi, I've gotten more than a few inquiries about where I get the white amigurumi eyes I use in some of my designs (like the cupcakes, black unicorns and eggplants). The thing is, I don't know where you can buy white amigurumi eyes... 'cause I can make 'em!!! I've always shared my little secret with anyone who has ever asked (since it's actually quite simple) but I thought that this is something people in general might like to know... especially if they are having difficulties with creations made with dark colored yarn.

So here we go, Amigurumi Series # 2: White amigurumi eyes!

plastic eyes (half bead or safety eyes work best... I use 8 mm half bead for this demo)
wax paper
well ventilated area
a spray paint formulated especially for plastics (I use Krylon fusion, it was around $4 I think, and I got it at a craft store... you can also get colors other than white too!)

1.)Lay out newspaper to protect your work surface, which should be in a very well ventilated area. Lay a sheet of wax paper on top of the newspaper and place your eyes flat on the wax paper (if you have safety eyes create an elevated surface with holes in it (so the prong on the bottom of the eye can hang down and the eye surface is flat on the wax paper... see diagram)

2.) Basically follow the directions on the can: For Krylon, shake the can for approximately 2 minutes, spray all eyes as evenly as possible (from the sides and top) from a distance of 8-10". Wait a few minutes, then apply another coat. Wait a few hours to overnight so that the paint can really dry.

3.) Pop the eyes off the wax paper and feel free to use! Yay for scary white eyed amigurumi!


  1. wow. good idea!! do you know any place where i can get small black safety eyes? im in hawaii right now for vacation and since u live in hawaii, u might be able to help me. back at home (palo alto which is just south of San Francisco in California) i could only find 21mm brown safety eyes. also, how do u attatch the half bead ones? what type of glue do u use?

    sorry for my annoying curiosity ;)

  2. Thanks for this - I don't amigurumi, but I do need a plastic spraypaint! I'm going to see if I can get it in the UK right away!

  3. Hee hee, thanks for the comments guys! ♪Tobi♪ yay you are in Hawai`i! I get my safety eyes from Flora-Dec which is near Honolulu Harbor (By Sam Choy's, USA Baby, Kmart, etc just outside of China Town Ewa End.) They only have larger eyes though (I think 15 mm) I get the half bead eyes at Ben Franklin and Craft Supply. However, since you live in San Francisco I know a great website: google Harvey's Hobby Hut... they sell in bulk :)

  4. Oh, I've always wondered where you got the white safety eyes from! You're so clever! They make your amigurumi look so unque!

  5. You're so smart to come up with this inventive idea and you're so generous to write & draw such detailed instructions, thank you! That white-eyed cupcake has such stand-out charm.

  6. The colored eyes are very creative I love it!

  7. Where can i get the pattern for the cupcake?

  8. This is a pattern in my brain! So sorry I haven't written it down yet... someday! I do have a different cupcake pattern available in the book Yummy Crochet if you'd like; otherwise you can probably search "amigurumi cupcake pattern" and get one super easy... good luck!

  9. I was just searching for white eyes for a last minute project. This is such a simple solution, I guess in my panic I just didn't think of it. Thanks, you're a lifesaver.


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