Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing peas

I always love having plants, because they are so cheerful and green. These are some peas my sister is growing on our patio in yogurt cups.. don't they look cute? I'd love to have a garden someday, to grow all kinds of neat things (like cotton for making yarn!) but for now we just have a line of 10 gallon pots on our patio filled with clovers, ti leaf plants, a small palm, a ficus and a gardenia tree (newest addition). They basically monopolize the sunlight on the patio, but it's worth it to hear leaves rustling with the wind, to find little ants that tend the flowers, and to see green when you look out into the cityscape. So yep, I love plants. I had a plant that was living in my office at school, but it was too cold because of the 24/7 air conditioner, and he turned all white and shriveled up! Not to worry, he's living on the patio now, and he's green and happy :) Yep, my office is not good for plants; I tried having a cactus before but he liquified from the inside out.


  1. May I recommend Berrysprite amigurumi cacti? Very well behaved, and no trouble at all to look after! xoxo

  2. That happened to my cactus too :( I think it was too cold for it under the kitchen window.

  3. I... didn't know cacti could liquify, wow o_o But good going with the other plants! <3

    Ah, I know this isn't really related but.. I wanted to just say hi! And say how awesome I think all your stuff is XD
    I became obsessed with crochet a few months ago and have hardly put down the hook since, especially since I found Amigurumi! Your stuff is really the cutest, and I just thought I'd mention it XD;; Sorry for rambling haha!


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