Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, I'm almost finished with the first week of summer school (only 5 more to go); so far it's going slooooow. But, I've been crafting so hard I've actually injured myself! I was trying to unplug my glue gun and I accidentally burned my arm, kinda badly! That was just me being clumsy, trying to work in an exceedingly crowded and cluttered space (the coffee table). I've also been so happy that I FINALLY have time to design new amigurumi, that I've actually come up with several collections; the only problem is each collection has like 4 or 5 amigurumi in it and I really feel like I need to finish them all so that I can photograph them in a big bunch. Anyway, I've been crocheting so much, that I think I weakened my wrist or made it have a touch of athritis (at age 23!) because I was helping my mom lift my sister's new bed (her old one needed replacing because I jump on it... at age 23.) and my wrist totally buckled and went limp!!!! It has been really sore the past couple of days, even just brushing my hair. Lame. It might feel better tonight though; I have a custom order I need to attend to.

These are some truffle piggies based off of some really cute fabric I have; they even come with a little truffle. I listed it today and it already sold out to a lovely customer! But I love them so much I will most likely make more; for now this will have to do for a dosage of cute piggers.

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