Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making zippy pouches

I've been busy making new zippered pouches for my store; I had oodles of fabric I hadn't even touched yet, and my shop is running low (some of the ones in my etsy have been on there for months!) so I decided to go on a mass zippered pouch making spree! I tried to get a good variety of colors, mixed fabric styles, and of course new fabric patterns that are so cute! These still need to be ironed and photographed, yes all of them! I will be adding them slowly to my store, but there should be lotsa cute ones in a little bit.
Yep, I've had lots of time to craft; I have a couple of custom orders, but I'm still working on new things; my favorite out of these pouches has got to be this little red pouch; I've added felt applique bunnies (one looks like a jellybean) onto vintage/recycled fabric (from my mom!). I did two other ones, but really, this one is so much fun! I love being able to have the time to work on little details that make handmade items so yummy!
The only bad thing is my little sister came home from college so I had to move all my crafty supplies into the trunk of my car! I may even take them to my office; but that may cramp my crafting style so we'll see. Guess what? Summer school starts on Tuesday! Boo! But, it is only 1 class, from 10:30-11:45 taught by a professor who could possibly serve on my thesis committee; he also said I could miss a week to go to the Big Island in June, so it's a bonus! At least I'll still have time to build up my clutch supplies and develop more cute things!

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