Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yummy Crochet and new Forest Friends Fabric!

Hello friends! I told you about it a little bit back, but I have a cupcake pattern in the Yummy crochet book/kit which has all the material (yarn, hook, instructions, stuffing, thread, needle, plastic eyes) you need to make your very own berrysprite cupcake! The book also features instructions for other yummy amigurumi foods, including a doughnut, corn, sushi, peas and more! I got my copy the other week and everything looks super cute. You can purchase your own copy from Barnes and Noble bookstores in the US, or you can order it from their website here for $14.35+ shipping. Huzzah!

In other news I received my test swatch of the Forest Friends fabric, which was chosen by you guys as the next print you wanted me to make available through my spoonflower. Its one of the few large scale fabrics I've designed and it looks great (don't mind the washed out colors... I took this pic at night after I came home from work). Now you can purchase some of your very own :)


  1. Wow awesome! I'm so excited to get my allowance next week to buy this. (i'm 13)
    I also have a question, How did you get the Amigurumi tips list. On my blog i only have a post archive and i wanted to organize things more by having something like that.
    ( I created my Blog yesterday)

  2. that is so cute. i'm going to put it on my wish list for Christmas!

  3. Thanks so much guys! Zenobia congrats on your new blog (its super cute!) To make my amigurumi tip list I used the blogger "list" gadget (go to your dashboard and click "add gadget"... a bunch of gadgets should pop up... choose the one that says "list") Then I just made a list of all my amigurumi posts (be sure to have the url of each individual post). Hope this helps you!

  4. Ur blog is so sweet and nice! No profanity or rude comments! Luv it!


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