Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shop and Blog Vacation!

Hey guys! November is a crazily busy month for me, filled with an off-island trip for my work, and a trip to Montreal for a conference (on top of my school and work!). So I'll be closing my shop for the month of November and will most likely be blogging even more sporadically... sorry for such short notice. I've sent off all my orders, but will most likely be available through email for pressing questions. I'm hoping to reopen my shop in December! See you then :)


  1. Wait, shop? What shop? There's a shop? I want to buy something! I will contact you in December!

  2. It's almost December! :) Can't wait Holly! ^.^ Love your blog! I'm sorry to hear that you are so busy. But it's alright, there's Christmas and weeks off right around the corner! :)


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