Monday, October 17, 2011

Kawaii Retail Therapy

Thanks so much for your sweetie comments on the amigurumi kappa keychain, guys! I really appreciate knowing what you think; given that you like him so much, I know I'll be making more in the future :D

Also, reading your comments brightened a kinda tense Friday for me... everything is now resolved but let me just say that when I am finally finished with my thesis I WILL PARTY SO HARD. Anyway, I needed a little retail therapy this weekend and since I'm not able to blog that frequently anymore, I thought I would share my purchases in lieu of a real post. Plus, the things I got are so kawaii!!! I purchased all of these cutie items at Marukai here in Hawai`i (for those of you who don't know, Marukai is a Japanese dollar and grocery store). It was so much fun to find these goodies (and the best thing was that everything was $0.99-$2.50)!

A Matryoshka notepad, a French themed notepad and moshimoshikawaii origami paper

A set of red riding hood themed pencils, a circus themed eraser and foam stamps featuring a cute donkey, apple, house and pine tree!

Cutest pencils ever!


  1. Ohhh~I'm Jealous~ I wish I lived in Hawai'i, or at least California. ;A; People in my region hardly know what "Japan" even is! It's so awfullllll~ I'mma move to Hawai'i kays? *^*

  2. I can't agree more, those are really the cutest ever~ ! <3


  3. oh soooooo cute!! retail therapy good especially when one gets kawaii things hehehe. YIPEE your thesis is finished!! :o)

  4. Oh not finished yet... but definitely a more concrete step towards finishing!

  5. How lucky you have Marukai! I love cute kawaii stuff and would be in heaven! I'm having a cute kawaii giveaway on my blog, though, so come check it out! :-) I guess you could call it "giveaway therapy." :-)


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