Sunday, May 29, 2011

My sister's trip to Japan

My sister visited Japan for the first time shortly after the tsunami/ earthquake earlier this year, although she didn't visit areas directly affected by the tsunami. The disasters in Japan were especially meaningful to people in Hawai`i... so many of us have family and friends who are Japanese and maintain their ties to Japan. While there was a palpable sadness and despite all that had happened, there was still a spirit of resilience and strength! I thought some of the pictures my sister took showed this really well.

Although it was a sad time to be in Japan, and she felt bad being there as a tourist, my sister really enjoyed herself and loved being in Japan; in spite of the tragedies the Japanese people my sister met were able to smile and were extremely nice. Knowing me and my love of kawaii, she brought me a really nice selection of Japanese goods :)

My favorites were these chirimen items... the chicken and cookies in a box is from the chirimen museum in Kyoto and the bag is also from Kyoto!


  1. Son preciosos los regalos!! Felicidades!!

  2. Wow! You are one lucky girl! The things your sister brought for you are just precious and all so kawaii! :-)

  3. I'm going to be that person and squeal "I have those hedgehog flashcards!!"


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