Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weak sauce

Boy, has it been a difficult week! Work kinda sucked everyday. The worst was that I got my adviser's comments on the first draft of my thesis on Friday the 13th. Let me just say that it was appropriate that I got the bad news that I will have to do more research/ revising in the coming months on Friday the 13th (which is believed to be a very unlucky day in the US and other parts of the world). Waaaaaah! I know it's pretty typical for you to have to do more work after your first draft of anything, but I very RARELY have to do major edits on my work after I've done my "first" draft... I think it speaks to the perfectionist side of me (at least in terms of writing/ researching). So I was kinda bummed this weekend with thoughts of self-dumbness and all that :(

However, I've gotten over it, and I am moving forward! I sometimes just need a few days to process, adjust, and make my plans of attack! I WILL finish this thesis... it will NOT kill me! I will slay it like it is an evil dragon, just you wait and see.

Sorry for this post be kind of a downer (and boring), but I know there are a couple of people who read my blog who wonder about my thesis. On a brighter note, isn't this newish re-ment set A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E? It has Rilakkuma and strawberries... what is better than that? I already know this is one of my B-day presents (I forced that bit of information out of my sister through sneakery).


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