Sunday, May 1, 2011

crabby pattie

Happy May Day... and also, oh noes! I bet you guys were thinking "Holly doesn't even make amigurumi anymore!" Seriously, I haven't posted anything on my blog amigurumi related since January... *gasp* I almost feel like I'm in a creative rut (no, not really... I just have so many other loose threads to finish tying up right now!) I promise you though, soon berrysprite will return to its former amigurumi glory. Actually, I have been working on some cute amigurumi, I just haven't photographed and posted about them yet. Knowing that I would need some blog fodder, however, I photo'd this little guy, who is one of the first designs from me that you guys have seen in a long long while... I call him crabby pattie! Hope you like; normally when I'm making amigurumi their bodies are pretty much one piece, but crabby pattie is actually 2 oval pieces (plus all his tiny legs and his claws). I think he came out really cute, and it feels nice to finally make something new :)


  1. So cute! What a precious amigurumi crab! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the near future! :-)

  2. Hey there i live in the UK, London and i was wonder where i could get eyes for these amigurumi even doe i havent made any yet

  3. Hi zhen... might want to try there are lots of international sellers who sell them! Good luck!

    Thanks for the sweetie comments plushpussycat!

  4. AHHH I love him!! ^___^ if/when you list him at your store he's an instant buy!! :)


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