Friday, October 9, 2009

Vacation from things you love

This little guy will have to wait for a bit for a new mommy or daddy; berrysprite is temporarily closed while I try and write my thesis. It's so sad to visit my etsy shop and see that its empty! Many thanks to the people who have written to me with encouragement; you guys are the best cheerleaders :D. I was trying not to have to close my shop, especially since I won't be able to participate in that many holidays (like Halloween, boo!). I really want to finish my thesis by December though, and if I do, closing my shop will be totally worth it :) I will probably open it for a week here and there, and I'll be sure to let you know before I do!


  1. Good luck with the thesis! I'm sure you'll rock it, and of course most of us will be understanding! We've all had those points of schooling...

  2. Good luck on your thesis! I know how accomplished I felt when mine was finally finished. Closing your shop, even though you don't like too, will be totally worth it when you have your thesis bound and finished in your hands!

  3. You are absolutely making the right decision! The little ones and I are cheering you on (completing a thesis is such a major accomplishment). Sending you our good thoughts...


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