Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fabric help!

BIG EDIT (literally): Thanks so much for offering to help guys; It seems they have restocked that fabric, huzzahs all around! I love how fast they restocked it....

I am in LOVE with this bumblebee fabric; I can imagine so many goodies to be made along a bee theme... the stripes are lovely! Alas we do not have a hancockfabrics here in Hawaii (mang!), and they are sold out on the website! If anyone of you out there lives near a hancockfabrics and sees a yard of this fabric, I'd love to buy it from you (more than the $2.50 sale price... that might explain why they are out!) and pay for shipping, etc! It is a 100% cotton material, and the stripes seem to be a little bigger than 1", so if you see something similar (with a similar nice mellow yellow) at another store, just let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lady :D

    I'm probably going to Hancock either today or tomorrow. I'd be more than happy to check it out for you.

    Shoot me an email if someone gets there before I do. thepinkneedle at gmail


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