Monday, October 19, 2009

Shop Anniversary Opening!

Huzzahs all around! My etsy shop will be opening for one week only, to celebrate my etsyanniversary... which is a legitimate reason to get out of vacation mode I think; thesis be damned! So mark your calendars for Nov. 1st through Nov 8th (for those of you who are planning for Christmas, never fear; I will most likely open one week in the beginning of December as well). During this time, ANY purchase from my shop (big or small) will recieve a free chicken pom pom, in celebration of my 3rd year on etsy. Although custom orders will still be closed, I do have some existing stock of cute things on hand; my anniversary week would be a good time for people to get their fill of pouches, rabbits, bears, pears, strawberries, a lion, a monkey, and more! I'll be listing early in the week and shipping late in the week, so make sure to get your orders in while you can! It's been a wildly fun three years, full of chickens and happiness :D

PS. I'll be doing a giveaway on my blog for my anniversary too, so don't forget to check back around Nov. 1st!


  1. Chicks are beautiful and cute!


  2. Congratulations on Berrysprite's 3rd birthday! The chicks are soooooo cute! Oh & please reserve the lion for me xoxo

  3. I so love your shop. Those little pom pom chicks are too cute!


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