Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are sooooo embarrased...

Thanks to the super close eyes of a very nice reader, I have been alerted that September's calendar was:
  • A) Off by a day!
  • B) Friday was marked with an R
  • C) Friday was missing
  • D) All of the above
In the words of Homer Simpson... D'oh! I have to admit I was really rushing to get September's calendar out on time, and now look what happened! You can tell I am a total spaz. Anyway thanks very much to the anonymous reader, without your help I never would have known (and then how silly would that have been).

This time September's calendar includes Blacky the sleepy sheep's bedtime accessories, including hand painted toy blocks (featuring amigurumi faces) his chicken friend, and a teddy bear blanket and pillow... all ready to catch some Zzzz's!


  1. Wrong or no, Blacky still makes an adorable calendar model!

  2. I have to agree with Itsy Bitsy Spider! We love Blackie the Sheep! Is he going to make his way to your Etsy shop, by any chance?

  3. Blacky is super cute!!! I adore his bear blanket!!^__^


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