Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hawaii Stamps!

Have you seen these stamps at your local post office? They are Hawaiian style, yeah! So cool! They were designed by local artist Herb Kawainui Kane, who does amazing paintings of historical and mythical Hawaiʻi! If you've been to Kīlauea Volcano on the Big Island, you've probably seen some of his work at the museum there... his depictions of Hawaiian gods and goddesses are so iconic, and I really love how his paintings stay true to our history and moʻolelo.

I "borrowed" this picture from Kane's official website... I hope he won't mind! It features the Hawaiian Volcano goddess Pele, who travels from Kahiki to Hawaiʻi. At Pele's feet is Kamohoaliʻi, who is her shark brother; he is leading the way to Hawaiʻi (you can also see the stars that guided him... traditional means of long distance navigation relied on compasses or astrolabs here!) Cradled under her arm (as an egg, for safekeeping) is Pele's little sister Hiʻiakaikapoliopele, which means Hiʻiaka-in-the-bosom-of-Pele because she was so beloved by Pele. Anyway, fun huh? I love it!

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