Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy week ahead!

I'm going to have a super busy week ahead, so not much time for blogging, not much time at all! Finishing up some custom orders (still... apparently a three day weekend is not enough to do everything you want!). I also have to work more hours this week at my job because of the holiday :( So really just random thoughts/facts for this post:
  • Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the genius of South Park, and I am constantly amazed by how similar the humor on the Venture Brothers is to my own... it makes me think if I knew the writers in real life we'd be good friends!
  • When my dad watches the Scyfy Channel (lame... they changed it to Scyfy from Sci-Fi) I can actually feel my brain cells dying. I actually worked on my thesis today because of it.
  • I made a crocheted flower in a new way over the weekend... I see huge potential for kawaii brooches and possibly a free crochet pattern in the future.

This little dude wakes me up on the dot at 7:30 am every morning (even on the weekends!) with his incessant chirping for attention... it's actually more like "bee---ep!" than an actual chirp. At least I don't need an alarm clock!

That's all for now folks :D


  1. *Love* your adorable alarm clock ;-)

  2. You don't just laugh at Syfy (I agree the name change is lame)? I find it hilarious, especially their "original" movies. Hubby and I die laughing.


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