Monday, May 4, 2009

so busy!

This is what I'm doing instead of making May's calendar. No, I'm not watching SNL's truly hilarious skits of jeopardy with Will Farrell and assorted guests (including the ever-awesome Sean Connery). I'm making jeopardy for my students; it's their final review.

Daily Double: In Russia, this tsar's attempts to alleviate class tensions by ending serfdom would later backfire when he refrained from fulfilling his initial promises, eventually leading to his assassination in 1881 by a radical group known as "The Will of the People." Who was he?

If you can answer that, you've just won 800 points for your team! Yay! (their prizes are lollipops) Uggh, just 2 more days of class, 1/2 a day of volunteering, and 1 ten page paper to go before the end.... oh, and plus 30 final exams to grade. I expect that's all going to be totally finished in about 2 weeks. Then I can get back to crafting for real! Don't worry though, the calendar will probably be up by Wednesday!


  1. I attempted to answer but finally ... no ...
    just too hard for me ;)
    And yeah !!! for the calendar !!!

  2. that is my favourite of snl; will ferrell is dead pan as alex trebek and will hammond is sooooo HILARIOUS as sean connery. the funniest one is with amy pohler as shannon osbourne and the "bill cosby" who cannot speak coherntly(sic) funny


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