Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May's calendar!

Thanks so much again for all the comments (in general) on my blog, and for all the congratulations on the DC trip. I had to share this card I got from my good friend Nia who also sells cards and other goodies in her etsy shop, check it out! Isn't this one adorable? She's sewn all the letters in and added kawaii buttons for all the circles... ingenious!

In other news, May's calendar is here! It features space bearlet, with his alien chicken friend and helmet; I know I know, he's not a needle-felted bear, but I ran out of time:( He'll be available shortly in my shop (probably when I get to the blue background color scheme in my shop... right now I'm on orange). I haven't even thought of a story to go with him yet!

To download, visit my flickr or photobucket (link for photobucket in the top right hand corner). Have fun!


  1. Haha! I really LOVE alien chicken!

  2. YEAH !!!
    Thanks a lot :)
    Another great composition : love it :)

  3. The card is so sweet & love the calender : )

  4. That card is adorable! I love the button idea! Perfect for my nephew to use on cards.


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