Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oahu/ Honolulu Shopping series #2: Shirokiya

This past week was Boy's Day, but it went by so fast that it was hard to notice! I only really noticed when I went to Shirokiya, a Japanese store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center (1450 Ala Moana Boulevard is the address of the mall; Shirokiya is on the mauka or mountainside next to Macy's). This store consists of two levels of Japanese goodness; the first level is on the mall level and features Japanese jewelry, makeup, Kimono and accessories, furniture, a Japanese bakery and sweet mochi shop, an electronics section and a book/ stationary section. The second level features Japanese grocery items, candy, kitchen supplies and an eatery featuring many different stations that serve up hot Japanese bento and other delicious food (like takoyaki...yum!) Although Shirokiya in general isn't cheap, there are some really great items and it's super fun to look at!

My favorite part of Shirokiya has got to be the re-ment section, next to the Japanese books and magazines. Although they recently raised the price on their re-ment, Shirokiya has a huge selection! I also love the accessory section where you can get chirimen coin purses, keychains, and lucky charms... so fun!

Well, for Boy's Day there was a great deal of featured items and celebratory products that were flown in special from Japan. Koinobori, or koi fish shaped flags are traditionally flown for all the boys in the family. There was a huge selection of special mochis too! I took some pictures for you guys; hope you don't get overloaded from all the Japanese goodies!

Japanese stationary items (look at all the cute clips!)

Japanese solar toys nohohon (these are my fav!)

bags and accessories

Origami selection

Candy bentos

Caplico drinks

Mochi selection!

Closeup of the intricate mochi; these are persimmon shaped!


One option for food at the eatery in the upstairs section of Shirokiya

Koi flags for sale!

Hope you and yours had a happy Boy's Day!


  1. Japanese goodies OVERLOAD! That food looked so yummy!!!

  2. Oh yeh I could spend some serious bucks in there hehe Looks like fun : )

  3. holly!!! i am sooooo jealous of you!!! that store looks sooooooo coool!!! i gots to go to hawai'i NOW!!:OD

  4. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!! I want to go to Shirokiya!!! I love mochi ;)


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