Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Totally awesome!

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**Wild screaming*** Check it out guys, I'm on etsy! I mean really on etsy, as in I appear in a storque article for the first time ever! And it's all thanks to sweeties Marceline and Claire, who were guest curators and included my caterpillar in their picks of kawaii-ness. I'm so happy to have my little bug in the article, but there's so much more sweetness featured in the article from other talented etsy-er's, including but not limited to a truly awesome bunny vase, zelda cards and a cute coconut bun; you should check it out! It's so awesome to have Marceline and Claire as curators and to feature cute and kawaii goods, I feel so honored to be a part of it! Also, if you need even MORE, more, more cuteness all year round, you can go to Marceline and Claire's website/blog/online shop at!

PS. Don't worry guys, I'm still working on April's Calendar!


  1. YIPEE!!! for you Holly!!! Congratulations that's so cool!!! YAY for all the kawaii things you make!!:O)

  2. Congratulations, Holly! I was reading your blog entry just moments before my gf was coincidentally shopping on Etsy. When your Etsy drawing popped up on her screen, I also *wild screamed* and invited her to check out your green bug and colour-rich photos.

    You deserve continuing front page success!

  3. wow, congratulations! That is so exciting.

  4. Congratulations!!! That's HUGE! Your featured caterpillar looks so cute! :)


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