Friday, April 3, 2009

cool websites for etsy

Here are some cool websites that can enhance your etsy experience:

Many people probably know about this website, but craftopolis can tell you if you are featured in any treasuries or gift guides!

Heartomatic can give you an overview of your hearts, as well as breakdowns for your individual items and related statistics (it can also tell you if you've been on the front page and Gift Guides!)

So this isn't a website that can help you on etsy, but cuteable has just featured my chicks and egg cups on their Friday flickr picks; Berrysprite has been getting a lot of press in the last few days, and I'm so happy and grateful! I've also been getting lots of random people saying how much they love Berrysprite, which makes me smile all the time! Thanks so much to everyone who is a fan, has hearted me and convo's me/ comments on my blog! I love you all so much :)


  1. So I realized you have a twitter and went to check it out. I didn't realize what the @myname was either! I had to read yours to figure it out! You helped somebody today. Gold star for you.

  2. omg THANK U!! i am a very new seller. me and my friend are doing our shop, to gether. my blog is a secret to her. im going to find out how long it takes her to find out....


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