Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Calendar is here

Yay, better late than never (I believe that is my personal motto!) Now available for download on flickr or photobucket; April's desktop calendar featuring special amigurumi Paddington! Paddington loves wearing his bunny hood, partly because he has stubby little ears, but also because he enjoys rabbit activities; munching on carrots and frolicking with his chicken friends are among his favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon! With his bunny ears he can even hear long distances and run faster... Hop hop hop!

It took a bit to get this calendar done, even though I had a week of Spring Break! As soon as I came back to school we had midterms, and I only just finished grading them. Paddington was named by my sister, because he's a brown bear. He was actually hard to visualize! I had the hood done, but not his accessories; originally I wanted to give him Easter eggs out of fimo but they turned out lumpy and not egg-like at all! So then I decided to give him jellybean colored chickens.... and I couldn't be happier; they are all so adorable together! Paddington will be in my store this Saturday at around 10:00 am Hawai`i time!


  1. Aww, this is SO CUTE! Your designs are all absolutely brilliant!

  2. This beautiful!. I love all your work ... Thanks for sharing....

  3. the spring bunny is ADORABLE!! is tha hat removable? everything is just too cute!!


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I so look forward to your monthly calenders. This one is my favorite to date!!!

    (hugs) ~Rebecca aka minkey8282

  5. OMIGOSH!!Holly CONGRATULATIONS OF YOUR SMITHSONIAN intership!!! YIPEE YAHOO for you!! go out and celebrate :O) (((HUGS)))

  6. Holly!


    I love your beautiful desktop calendar. I download and install in my netbook!!!
    Your work is very beautiful and nice!


  7. I love him :)
    He's on my desktop and each time I see him, I smile :)
    Thanks once more :)


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