Friday, January 30, 2009


You guys may already know about this website, but I'd thought I'd give a quick profile of it on my blog just in case you don't. Swap-bot is a website that allows you to create and monitor swaps, and basically takes all the hard work (finding and assigning partners, etc) out of swapping. It's a great website if you love getting things from all around the world, but you have to build your street cred within the site by successfully completing easy swaps and then progressing to bigger ones (it seems kinda like etsy's feedback system., and also a more sophisticated trade system). Although I haven't signed up yet, I think it'd be a great way to make international friends and find all kinds of neat things that you normally wouldn't be able to find without actually visiting a place. Particularly, this website has lots of potential for people who LOVE kawaii items like stationary and stickers! Give it a try, and let me know how you like it... I''m postponing signing up 'till summer when I have more time!


  1. hi!i already know the site, but i ever do personals swaps, i`m addicted!!!
    if you like swap whit me anytime plase email me or sent me a flickr mail i love your bears, an all of berrisprite!
    your blog are in my favorites!
    and my flickr gallery

  2. I just did my first swap on swapbot! Easy peasy!

  3. I've heard about swap-bot! But I have refrained from signing up for the same reason as you.


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