Friday, January 9, 2009


Went to Chinatown so I could enjoy my last few days of freedom ( I start school again on Monday, boo!). Although I'll be finally writing my thesis this semester, I think it'll be a good semester; the professor I TA for is awesome... not crazy like the one I TA'd for last semester. I also don't have as many classes (since I'm supposed to be writing). Still, I'm going to miss going to bed at 2:00 and waking up at 10:30! Anyway, thought y'all might like seeing some pictures of weird fruits and stuff they have in Chinatown:

Chinese dimsum shaped like carrots and various other delectables (sorry for the glare!)

Waterplant for fresh water ponds... only $1 each!

Sugarcane stalks... they can be cut up and sucked on... like a natural sugar lollipop!

Daikon, turnips, eggplant, potatoes and taro

Fresh fish!
Assorted beans, scallions, onions, and peppers


Bunches of dragonfruit (pink), long-on (green) and mangosteen (mangosteens are sooo cute.. they're the dark purple ones!)Fresh gingers and bird of paradise flowers


  1. those were some cool pictures of your chinatown. the colours of the fruit and vegetables are so vibrant. it makes me want to visit your chinatown even though i live 3 blocks away from my chinatown in san francisco:OD. every chinatown i have visited is so different new york, vancouver, seattle,los angelos,philadelphia but the connection to all of them is the food and the culture. you are so lucky to have the lovely flowers in hawai'i!! i'm so jealous:O)
    enjoy ur last days of freedom!!!
    i'm curious how your chinatown looks like for chinese new year.

  2. I want a bowl of dragonfruits on my table. They're just so pink and fun!

  3. Wow- those pics are fantastic! Very inspirational.

  4. Chinatown looks so fun! and colorful...

  5. You're pics are wonderful, as ALWAYS! So bright! You make me miss dim sum and bubble teas right now. I can't wait be back.


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