Monday, January 5, 2009

London Cat and a Free Desktop Calendar!

Yay! It took me a while to photoshop this baby into a calendar, and its a little late for the start of January, but I made it just for you! It's not too late, right? Tada! A shiny new Desktop Calender for January 2009 featuring my special little guy for the month: London Cat! He will make his debut on my blog tonight, and there will be more photos of him on my flickr and he will be available in my shop shortly. If you click on London Cat's photo in the corner, you'll be linked to a photobucket album I created with three different photo sizes so you can download them as desktop calendar backgrounds; there's even a widescreen one! All you do is click on the photo is photobucket, make it full size and "save as" the picture to your desktop. From there, you can make it your desktop background (if that is your desire!). Or you can also go to my flickr (if you so prefer! I think the resolution may be a little lacking, but it's still cute!

Anyway, here are some more pictures of London Cat because he's so gosh darn cute: He'll come with a red helmet style hat with a yellow button, a red gingham scarf, a yellow chicken friend, a blue and red striped tablecloth, an open picnic basket (which conveniently fits his chicken friend), a fish and 3 chips all wrapped in a newspaper, and an apple!


  1. OMG he is ADORABLE!!!! xoxo

  2. Very cute! I just set my desktop background with it. ^^

  3. He is so darn adorable!! I love all the little extra's, especially the fish and chips!


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