Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks so much Joanna!

I hope everyone's Christmas was great, mine was! I've actually been so busy; I've been meaning to update multiple things (my shop, my blog, my twittter... did you guys notice I've gotten a twitter? Let me know yours and I'll follow you!) but I just haven't gotten much of a chance. I did want to extend a special thank you to everyone who reads up on berrysprite, a customer or even an admirer, you've all made it such a wonderful year, and its so nice making friends across the globe :)

I also wanted to extend a very special thank you to Joanna; she sent me this lovely, very generous Christmas gift (in a recycled graham cracker box... so eco-friendly and neat! My family ooohed and aaaahed over the ingenuity of it all!) Here are the lovely things she sent me; I LOVE everything but the Double Punch postcard in the corner is soooo awesome! Thanks so much again Joanna!


  1. Hey my twitter account is Broadway4me :)

  2. Merry New Year! thank you for the prize I received it on Xmas Eve. I've posted it on my blog ^^ x


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