Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Christmas present

Here's a quick Christmas present idea: get a cute box, or even better, a woven basket box (in Hawaii we have lauhala boxes) and fill them tissue paper and with seasonal or special candies; I filled mine with macadamia nut hershey kisses, which are only available here in the islands (hee hee). But other hershey kisses work well; I like the toffee chip ones and the peppermint ones... mmmmm! Tie them up with a little tag and nice double ribbon in complimentary colors, and presto, an ultra cheap and quick present idea, which is perfect for giving to people that you don't know that well or to people who know that you are poor (just kidding!) >__<. For example, I'm giving these to my fellow teaching assistants, and we are all broke! I've got lots more ideas for good Christmas presents too; go to a dollar store and load up on kawaii goods or stationary items, they're so awesome to receive as gifts. For fellow Hawai‘i residents looking for a good deal, Marukai 99 is awesome! I've also recently discovered Taj Clubhouse in Ward Warehouse, which sells Japanese Kawaii memo pads and sticker sacks for relatively cheap!


  1. ooooh nice gifts ideas!!

    i've reading your blog for a while now and I just come to realize you live in Hawai'i!!! I love hawaiian culture, in fact I used to dance polinesian dances a few years ago....

    anyways, just wanted to say hi!


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