Monday, December 8, 2008

New apple/bear

Unfortunately, I won't have much time to post these next two weeks, it really is crunch time! I cannot wait until the semester is over, its been a difficult one! I don't even want to go to school this week, and it's the last real week of classes, the week after is finals. I mean honestly, why do we have to go to class if all we're going to do is talk about our final papers (which aren't due till next week anyway)? I mean honestly, give us the time to work on our papers! Next semester will be much easier (I hope!). I do have these new apple bears though, I think they turned out cute! Whewwwww! Just two more weeks....


  1. awww so cute! hope the next 2 weeks goes by fast and stress free!

  2. eek... how cute and original!
    I know how this season goes... busy, busy, busy! hope everything goes stress free...

  3. they are so cute! good luck with school!

  4. I know what you mean!!! Good luck, stay strong! :)


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