Sunday, September 14, 2008

Huzzah for winners!

Huzzah! Today is the day to announce the winners of my giveaway! I have gotton out my random number generator machine, and it spat out these numbers:

#1, #10 and #6. A big round of applause and congratulations to the winners!
  • Deuce014, you and your lovelies shall be recieving the strawberry hamster and a little something extra,
  • ismoyo, miss "all my wishes come true!" you are getting the re-ment mushroom pack and a little something extra,

  • theenchantedpumpkin, my dear, you will be the recipient of the button pack and a little something extra.
If you lovely ladies could send me your mailing address, your prizes will be on their way to their new homes! Thanks so much for everyone who commented and who reads my blog; I really love each and every one of you. In fact, I'd love to let you win a little something too... a little something extra to be exact! If you'd like that something, please email me your address, and that something will be on its way to you in a bit!


  1. ooh, lucky winners! congrats! :] btw, love the new header!

  2. i cannot believe i won! you still have my address right? thank you so much holly! i feel so lucky! and a surprise too! yippee!


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