Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bento supplies

So you guys may remember, but since I work at school and I try to watch my spending (there's nothing like blowing your paycheck BEFORE you're paid!) I bring home lunch nearly everyday... the exception is on Wednesdays when my girlfriends and I go to the cafe on campus for yummy junk food and vegetarian options (what a combo!). But as I've blogged before, home lunch can get pretty boring, especially when you eat leftovers for dinner too! So one way to make this fun is to make bentos... I recently scored big time when went to Marukai99 (although now it should be renamed to Marukai$1.49... stupid inflation)
Check out these cute bento making supplies I got at Marukai... perfect for making lunch fun! My favorites have to be the strawberry box and the shape silicone cups... pigs, penguins and butterflies, how much better can you get!


  1. That strawberry box is soooo very cute !!!

  2. lucky ducky! The lunches I take to work are definitely not cute. :)

  3. How neat! I was just at Marukai the other day. Don't they have great Japanese stuff?

  4. These are so cute, My daughter is only 7 months now but when she is older and goes to school I want to make bentos for here to take to school. I've seen a few things on ebay but not very much.


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