Monday, September 29, 2008

Cool new yarn

I recently some of this super awesome yarn by Bernat; It's a twist of off-white and periwinkle/greyish blue. Do you sometimes feel so inspired by yarn that you HAVE to make something out of it? This yarn did that to me! I love Bernat too, this one is a softee chunky style so it crocheted very quickly. In Hawai`i, it's a bit hard to find really nice yarn for very cheap; I know that Joann's is having a huge sale right now and it was all I could do to stop my self from adding all their yarn into my online cart. For this little guy I used an off-white yarn for arms, legs and ears, and I opted for a felt snout (now I wish I had used off-white instead of white) instead of a crocheted one... I have trouble getting the mouths embroidered right when I try to embroider on yarn, so I mostly use felt for snouts). I also used a size E Clover Bamboo crochet needle, which worked really nicely ( I plan on doing a small write up on needle guage/ type soon). I'll probably make more of these when I have time; don't you think he'd look cute with a yellow beret and a red backpack?


  1. if he looks cute now, I will die of cuteness if he had a red beret and backpack! *eek* ;]

  2. You should have told me I could have brought you some yarn from Joann's on the mainland... FREE SHIPPING :)

  3. What great yarn! And such a cutie you've made!


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