Monday, July 28, 2008

technology is grand

Here is the external hard-drive I got for my birthday, it's so cute! I've been storing all of my etsy pictures and files (lots and lots) on many jumpdrives but no more... they are all going on this baby. The drive came in this lovely yellow color, but the hamster is a window cling sticker that I had lying around. Besides looking quite pretty, this drive can hold up to 130,000 pictures, Yay!

The good thing about having sisters is that you can share... we decided to split the cost of a bamboo fun, which is a tablet and pen that hooks up to your computer and allows you to draw much easier than you could with a mouse. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! The bamboo came with adobe photoshop elements (which we didn't have before) and corel paint, and it is so awesome I can't even describe it. It's really making my fabric designing so easy it's almost ridiculous! Combined with the new laser printer my uncle got (which he said I could use when we visit, which is actually quite often) I can print out my own designs for buttons. I can also do banners and all sorts of things... the little bee in the upper left hand corner of my blog was drawn by me!


  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your fabric designs.

  2. So cool! I can't wait to see your fabric designs.


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