Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey, thanks for your comments guys; I love reading them! Yeah, my shop is slowly filling up with all the pouches I sewed a few months back... seriously, that is the turn around time for listing for me, (especially sewn things). So, I've actually been sitting on around 50 sewn pouches, mini clutches and clutches, without actually listing them. Actually, they haven't even been photographed! I've held off because I don't know if its actually a good thing to list everything you have all at once (especially during summer... slow!) and I didn't want berrysprite to become a pouch shop; I like having a nice balance. >__<

But then that leaves me with 50 things clogging up my already jammed up shelves! Maybe I just need more previews...

So here we go; here is a preview of all the clutches I currently have made; they are a seriously cute batch. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for me) the blue dotted mushroom one in the upper left corner and the magenta and turquoise sakura one in the second row have already gone to a fantastic home. The good news is I can recreate any that have been sold so far; I still have more fabric of every clutch I've ever sold, so just let me know and give me a little time to make it custom (the buttons may be slightly different).

If anyone sees anything they are interested in just email me; it's back up after being accidentally deleted when I was contemplating redesigning my blog page!


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