Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spoonflower baby!

Yes!!!! I have been invited to join spoonflower, which is this really awesome website for designing your own fabric. Actually, I got the invite last week (just in time for the celebrations) and since then I have been dreaming and dreaming of what kind of fabric I would like. Actually, I think everyone who signed up with their email got invited... I'm still stoked! It's rather expensive, and since its in beta you can only participate if you get an invite but I think it will totally be worth it! If you think about it, a lot of sellers on etsy sell fat quarters of Japanese fabric for around $4-6 a fat quarter; spoonflower fabric comes out to about that much, but you design it yourself!

Here is what I've been working on; my preliminary sketches. I haven't had a chance to do them digitally yet... I'm still working through my sale and custom orders. But, I think my fabric will reflect the berrysprite aesthetic; I will want to feature a lot of animals that I actually make on my fabric (see, there's pandas, and lions, and cats, and bears, and birds, and also fruits and vegetables!). Also, I'll want to keep the designs kinda small because I use fabric to make small bags and clutches. Oh the possibilities! I'm very excited for another idea for fabric (my original tooth/dental paradise concept was shot down by both my sisters-too scary they said...?) which will be.... weather! I'll show you how it turns out when I actually get around to doing it.

Now that I'm actually blogging about it, I can't remember who designed this fabric... shoot! I think it may be Alexander Henry, but I'm actually too lazy (and also all the lights are out) to check right now. Anyway, I think these fabrics are good inspiration, just look at all the colors! I think we are seeing more of the American designers making fabrics that look kawaii, asian and even Hawaiian inspired. It makes for a bigger body of fabrics to choose from!


  1. nice but borring for drawing

  2. Hmmmm,Anonymous, it wasn't boring drawing these at all! It was actually quite fun :) And if you're referring to the drawings themselves I really like their tiny smiles! Cheers!


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