Monday, January 21, 2008

Valentine's Day

Whew, what a mad rush! I had the bodies for these made ages ago (in anticipation for how busy I would be once school started), but I only just got the chance to put them all together and photograph them this weekend. Last year around this time, I was taking a break from school and work so I had oodles of time to make a million luvluv bearlets... but this year I really only have the time to have made these; so this year valentine's merchandise is really limited. I think they turned out really nice though, and they look darling all together. For the luvluv bearlets, I use the heart "noses" that come with washers and put them right above their tummies... kinda like a care bear. Ha ha, I loved that show when I was little, my favorite was the red one "Tenderheart" (is it sad that I had to ask my little sister his name?), hence the red luvluv bearlet with the light pink heart. Hopefully in the future; I will be able to expand on my line of bearlets with stuff on them/attached to them- for St. Patrick's Day I am thinking lots of leaf/clover bearlets and for the Olympics a line of element pandas!

The cupcakes also came out adorable; I used confetti hearts for the sprinkles. They are supposed to be red velvet (I love this type of cupcake... they seem so luxurious!) I actually got two sizes of confetti; small and large but when I was making them I couldn't find the large ones! So, I only made two cupcakes, and they both have the small hearts. If they do well, I may make more but with large confetti, or even mixed confetti. We'll see :)


  1. hi! i love all the bears and the cupcakes are so cute! thanks again for helping me with the fabric!

  2. Totally love your luvluv bears!

  3. I haven't been to visit for AGES (so sorry!), but I'm glad I did, because those bears are super gorgeous!!!!

  4. All your Valentine's Day stuffies are adorable!! Nice job. :)


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