Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am obsessed! I made some new friends on flickr and they had some photos of these Japanese toys called unazukin made by Bandai... and now I really want one. Actually, I think someone on my cool blogs list had some too, but I can't remember who! For those of you who don't know, I love anything Japanese and kawaii! I love those Japanese solar toys, including the flipflap, and sunshine buddies (but I only have sunshine buddies right now). Anyway, these toys I just discovered (years after they first came out, mind you) look like little matroyshka dolls, only cuter, and they come in many different designs and rainbow colors (which is a big part of the attraction for me :). According to the official unazukin website, they are small fairies who like to listen and live under big mushrooms. In real life, they require two little batteries but are voice activated to shake their heads yes or no, in case you have any difficult decisions to make. I am currently saving my pennies to buy one (or two, heehee). I scoped out ebay but they seem expensive, other people were saying firebox has them; they seem pretty reasonable (and shipping to Hawai`i isn't that bad!) So, perhaps in the near future I will obtain some!


  1. I have one , she sits on my desk !!

    Sara x

  2. I have one!!!! They're cuter in real life. :)

  3. Oh, you shouldn't have posted this. I just bought two online...can't wait 'til they arrive! Thanks for sharing, though . . . these are bound to be FUN! Happy new year!


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