Sunday, January 27, 2008

Material goodness

I was pretty busy this weekend; busy doing nothing! I was going to write two papers, but I pretty much kept putting it off until voila! Sunday night. Oh well, hopefully I'll get them done before they're due this week.

My sister bought a skirt from Old Navy that she wanted to return, but she had to work this weekend so I returned it for her. Isn't it funny, you always end up shopping when you weren't going to? So I ended up buying a few things; but they were sooooo cheap! I got some T-strap sandals (like those up there, but beaded...) for $4, some grey corduroys that were $6 and a new skirt for $15.

I also recieved some things I've been buying online; it's definitely an addiction. Everybody always comments on how many packages of fabric I recieve, sometimes it's a little embarrasing! But, there's no way I can pass up fabrics like these: the two on the left are from happyhippo (she's in Hawai`i too!), the one in the middle I bought at Ben Franklin here in Hawai`i and the two on the right are from luckykaerufabric. My favorite has to be the one with the piggy butts!

Eeeee! Here are also a million billion (actually it is only 100) zippers I bought on ebay! They look so pretty all together, and the color variety is amazing! I will definitely be making pouches and bags with these babies!

I also bought a plant for my new office; I now have my own (last semester I shared) and it rocks! I'll show you guys pictures when I truly get settled :)


  1. I've been splurging too much, I had to put myself on a budget. :) But it looks like you find some great stuff...I LOVE OLD NAVY SALES! :D

  2. Love the pig butt fabric too; make some bags! :) Hurray on your own office, isn't it FUN?!


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